Our Mission

We are Mr. Fix-It Professional Handyman Services and we are a company with a mission. This mission is what guides us and give us focus. It reminds us of why we exist and the goal we are seeking to attain. So, what exactly is our mission?

Our mission is to provide our community with professional & honest repair, remodel, & construction services that result in excellent client experiences.

To Provide Our Community 
Our community is important to us. We believe all humans are designed for community and each person can bring value to the community. So, we believe that we can, as a group of people, bring value to our local community. We want to bring our passions, skills, and experience to make our community a better place.

With Professional & Honest
Professionalism and honesty are some of the most important values in our company. Honesty is key in our business for a few reasons. First and most importantly, we believe honesty is the right thing to value and practice in all of life. Secondly and unfortunately, our field of business has been tainted by too many handymen and general contractors who aren't honest in their work. So, we want to show the clients that there are still trustworthy workers out there to take care of their needs. As for professionalism, we desire to be professional in everything we do as a company. Clients deserve professionals to handle their project and to work in their home. Clients trust us, so we be better be trustworthy - with professionalism and honesty.

Repair, Remodel, & Construction Services
We are a service company. We don't sell products and we don't have a store. So, what kind of services do we provide? Repair Services - This is our specialty. We love to fix things that are broken. Things are constantly breaking around homes and places of work. We understand how frustrating broken things can be, even the small things. So, we love to take care of figuring out the problem and then solving it. Remodel Services - We have a passion about updating the look and function of bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more! Sometimes making a fresh change is so energizing. We want to come alongside of someone to help them realize their remodeling dream. Construction Services - There is just something about building that is unlike anything else. We enjoy that sense of achievement that comes from building something. So, if someone has a storage shed or a deck to build, we jump at the chance!

That Result In Excellent Client Experiences
This is what is all comes down to. Providing our community with professional & honest repair, remodel, & construction services is not enough for us. We only want to do that if it results in a great experience for the client and clients who are satisfied. Any mission that does not have it's goal as satisfied clients is not a mission for us. If we have done everything well, but the client did not have an excellent experience, then we did not fulfill our mission. Of course, there will always be someone that we could never satisfy no matter what we do, but that will not stop us from trying.

Our mission is very important to us, for the reasons above. Everyday we strive to fulfill this mission and we commit to continue to do so. 

Mr. Fix-It Mission