We're Different, But How?

We talk often about how we are different from most companies and individuals in the general contracting and handyman business. But, why and how are we different? Well, let us tell you about the "Mr. Fix-It Difference."

The primary reason we are different is because we care about you, the client, first and foremost. Early on, we found that people were really not offered an option that gave them a great experience in taking care of their home & business improvement needs. They basically had four options, none of which really offered an excellent experience. Let's explain this with an example. 

Imagine you're a homeowner who finds out there is a water leak in one of your walls. This water leak destroyed a big part of the wall and now you have to get it fixed. You basically have these 4 options*:

1. Fix it yourself - If you are handy and really know what you are doing, this this is a good option. However, most people aren't. And some of them try, but it turns out to be too much work, take too much time, or doesn't end with good results. 

2. Search for and contact a handyman - Unfortunately, there are plenty of handymen out there who aren't very professional, not knowledgeable, and/or unlicensed. So, finding a good one is a chore. If they are unlicensed, then that puts you in a bad position, especially if the job will cost more than the legal limit of $500 (in the State of California). With this option, sometimes the job goes unfinished, is illegally performed, or suffers in quality.

3. Search for and contact four different contractors - You could get a better quality result by researching, finding, and calling the specialists to take care of each aspect of the repair: a plumber to fix the leak, a drywaller to fix the wall, a painter to paint the wall, and a carpenter to replace the baseboards. The problem with this is that it usually takes more time than you want to use and more money than you want to spend.

4. Search for and contact a general contractor - If you like option 3 but don't want to spend all that time searching for and calling each specialist, you could call a general contractor to do all that for you. This can be a good option, but again, that's just another person in the mix. The general contractor will basically subcontract out most of the work to subcontractors. That can mean more cost, more opportunity for miscommunication, and the general contractor can't usually have the proper control over the subcontractors.

As you can see, these 4 options really don't usually provide a pleasant experience for you to have to deal with this frustrating situation with the water leak and damaged wall. What if there was another option? Well, that's where we come in.

We believe the best way for you to fix the water leak and damaged wall is simple. You just call us, and we take care of it all. It's pretty much like options 3 & 4, but without the downsides and with all the upsides: higher quality, clearer communication, lower cost, and less time & energy on your part. The way this works is that you make one call to us and, instead of us being the typical general contractor who sub-contracts out all the work, we have our own in-house team of technicians who complete your project.

Outside of what we previously have mentioned, we have 3 reasons for operating this way:

1. Schedule - This allows us to control the schedule and we don't have to depend on the subcontractors' schedules. This makes it more convenient for you by working around your schedule and taking less overall time. 

2. Quality - With our own technicians, we are able to control the quality of work. We don't want to promise good quality work when we are dependent on subcontractors that we cannot make follow our quality policies. This benefits you because we can promise quality and we can warranty the work.

3. Security - Most importantly, we know exactly who is on your property. We have background checks performed on all of our employees and we have almost a daily relationship with them for character assessment. We only want trusted individuals handling your project, from those out on the field to those in our office.

Basically, we believe we provide a whole new option for people to take care of their home & business improvement needs. Also, the option we provide ultimately results in an overall better experience for the clients.

One final thing that makes us different is that our owner & many of our employees are Christians. We believe that part of following Christ is to conduct our business with care, integrity, and character. We strive to practice these principles in our lives and our work.

So, we just told you about how we're different. Now, let us show you. Give us an opportunity to prove it. Feel free to press that "Free Estimate" button below.




(*Out of the 4 options we mentioned, we recognize that there are plenty of capable homeowners, honest handymen, hard-working subcontractors, and great general contractors. We definitely are not trying to bash anyone here. We have a great deal of respect for the handymen, subcontractors, & general contractors out there that operate with integrity.)