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"Mr. Fix-It knows what he is doing. I trust Mr. Fix-It's work 100%."
-Mary H (via Angie's List)


"Mr. Fix-It has done numerous jobs for us at both my buildings in Bakersfield. Wonderful job on everything they do which is a large variety of repairs and maintenance. No job seems to be too small or big for the Mr. Fix-It Team. Very professional, helpful and accommodating. They were a find and I highly recommend them for all handyman repairs needed."
-Shannon B (via Angie's List)

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Our goal is to be 5-star rated and A graded. Of course, we recognize that we won't be perfect, but we certainly will try to get as close as possible by providing exceptional service and quality work. 

We encourage our clients to rate & review us on the site of their preference (Angie's List, ProReferral, Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc). Using these 3rd-party sites displays higher credibility because it is managed by a community and not directly controlled by us. However, if you do not use those platforms, but would still like to send us a review, please use our general contact form

We take the reviews seriously as they will help us improve our business by encouraging us to continue to do the things we do well and challenging us to grow in areas where we may be weak. Essentially, a review is our "report card" and every review is helpful.

Feel free to be honest. We'd rather have an honest bad review than a dishonest good review (honest good reviews are best, tho!). In any case, our goal is to make sure the client is satisfied. Therefore, if you are not satisfied in any way, please contact us directly to give us an opportunity to make things right.


"Very honest. Very fast response. Great service."
-Andrea W (via BBB)



"Jim and his crew are professional, friendly and do high quality work. He did not ask for final payment until I was 100% satisfied with the work. We are extremely happy with our end product and
looking forward to having them come back for future projects. I would highly recommend Mr. Fix-It."
-Joey C (via Angie's List)



"It went fabulous. There were multiple workers at my home at one time. They were all very professional. They did their jobs diligently and the work was great. Very pleased with the work and would definitely hire them again. I felt the owner, Jim, was very fair and honest."
-Tracy S (via Angie's List)



"We've hired Mr Fix-It to take care of some issues in our tenant-occupied home in SW Bakersfield. They have been amazing to work with, always responsive to requests, and have done a superb job. I highly recommend them!"
-Colleen H (via Yelp)

All review information is accurate at time of posting.
We are not BBB accredited at this time (because we have not sought accreditation yet), but we are A+ Graded.