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Mr. Fix-It Homeowners


We love homeowners. Home repair & handyman maintenance is our speciality. We know that owning a home is not a simple walk in the park. So we want to help relieve the daily stress of broken door handles and leaking garbage disposals. We also want to assist you in accomplishing your dream of a remodeled bathroom or a new closet. Whatever your home repair, remodel, or construction needs are, let us know and we'll help!

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Mr. Fix-It Businesses


Businesses are our friends. We're one too.....we know what it's like for businesses to have constant maintenance & repair needs. No matter how big or small your business is, let us make it easier on you to meet those needs. We work with businesses directly and through 3rd party facility maintenance services. Whichever way you request services, let us know! 

Some businesses & 3rd parties we have done work for:

Mr. Fix-It Business Clients

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Mr. Fix-It Property Managers

Property Managers

We got your back, property managers. If you manage property in any capacity, you know you need general contractor and handyman services. We want to be your go-to when you need those services. You have enough on your hands, let us assist you.

Keeping things maintained and repaired for your tenants is very important. Whether you are a landlord for a house, condo, or apartment complex, we can be there for you. Bakersfield landlords are realizing that we can be a great asset to them.

Real Estate Professionals
Whether you are flipping houses or representing sellers, we are here to get that property up to par. We can help you take care of what you want done, or we always welcome your simple references for the sellers or the buyers.

Property Maintenance Groups
Maintaining property and facilities can sometimes bring along projects that are more than what you and your maintenance crew can do. If you are in need of outside support, we can provide that general contractor & handyman support for you. 

Some property managers we have worked with:

JLC Properties
Frontier Real Estate Services

Local RE/MAX Realtor
Venture Real Estate Services

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