Same Great Company, Brand New Look

In today's world, it is important to have your company name and look (or brand) consistent and reflective of who you are as a company. Since 2008, we have experienced steady growth because of a set of principles and values that we believe are crucial to who we are and what we do. As we have grown, we found that, even though we consistently stand upon our operating values, our name & look haven't been truly reflective of who we are. So, we have decided to make sure to solidify our company name and look. We certainty aren't changing who we are, we are just modifying our name and look. 

We discovered that across many different platforms, we were known under a few different styles of our "Mr. Fix-It" name: Mr. Fix-It, Mr Fixit, Mr. Fix-It Handyman, Mr. FixIt Home Repair, Mr FixIt Repair, etc. Well, we have decided to make sure our name is truly solidified and consistent. Our official business name is: Mr. Fix-It Professional Handyman Services and we can be referred to as Mr. Fix-It for short. This has been and will continue to be rolled out throughout all of our platforms online, in print, and others.

Unfortunately, our official business name is too long for most internet requirements and our short name, Mr. Fix-It, is too generic online. Therefore, we are using the nickname of MrFixItPros on much of our online presence. This is the name of our website and our nickname on many social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc).

In order to truly make sure our look was consistent with who we are, we intentionally evaluated our past look. Here is what our brand design and logo has been over the years:

Well, we felt that this look and logo wasn't truly accomplishing a reflection of our values and identity. So, in order to have a look that matched our values, our identity, and our "new" name, we decided on a new logo:

Now, what about our iconic caricature? Of course we couldn't get rid of him! He is now our official company mascot and he's back better than before! Here is the re-newed "Mr. Fix-It":


As you can see, we now have a solidified name and a better look. We are excited about the changes and are ready to roll all of it out! Ultimately, it all comes down to this: you. We believe that we can provide a better overall experience for you and all of our clients with these changes.

Make no mistake, we are still the same great company, but with a brand new look.