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Mr. Fix-It Business License

business license

We are licensed for business by the City of Bakersfield. Our business license number is 103511

Why do we mention that we have our business license?
Well, unfortunately, there are some "handymen" and "contractors" out there that do repair/remodel work without a business license. In our field of work, it is not uncommon to see people unknowingly hire these types of workers. So, in order to ease anyone's concerns, we wanted to make sure to mention it.

Mr. Fix-It Contractor License

Contractor License

We have our Class B General Contractors License from the Contractors State Licensing Board of the State of California. Our contractor license number is 940435.

Why is it important to have a general contractor license?
First of all, it verifies that the licensee has met the government requirements and has the necessary knowledge to do the work. Secondly, in California, a contractors license is required for projects that exceed $500. Lastly, it is important to distinguish between a business license and a contractor license; some handymen advertise that they are "licensed" but are only licensed for business, not for contractor work.

Mr. Fix-It Insurance


We are insured to protect you and our company. For example, if a homeowner or business hires an uninsured handyman and there is any property damage or bodily injury, the homeowner/business would be responsible for the costs involved (through their own policy or out-of-pocket). 

√  General Liability
We have general liability insurance, which would cover property damage and bodily injuries caused by our work, if something were to happen. Obviously, we hope to never have to use this, but it's there to keep everyone protected. 

√  Workers Compensation
We also have workers comp, which protects our employees in case they get injured. This also protects you in case one of our workers gets injured on your property.

√  Bonding
We are also bonded, which also protects you. For example, bonding keeps you from having to worry about a contractor's bad work or incomplete work and the costs associated with repairing it since the bond would cover that. Of course, it is our pledge to make sure that doesn't happen, but again, it's just a failsafe.

Why don't we advertise that we are bonded, like other contractors? 
Unfortunately, a contractor is not legally allowed to advertise that they are bonded, according to the California Contractors State License Board (view the CSLB advertising guidelines here). Learn more about liability, workers comp, & bonding here on Angie's List.

Mr. Fix-It Warranty

1 Year Warranty

We believe in our work. Therefore, we offer you the security of a 1 year warranty on the labor and materials (that we provide) of any project. If there are any issues with the work we do for you, please make sure to contact us so we can assess the situation. Of course, there are going to be reasonable limits, depending on the specific situation. However, any direct issues caused by us, we will make sure to cover the labor and material cost for up to 1 year.